Re-Elect Chairman Marcello Banes

Newton County Board of Commissioners

Chairman Marcello Banes
Re-Elect Newton County Board of Commissioners
Chairman Marcello Banes

When I decided to submit my candidacy for Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners in 2016, my aspirations were filled with the ambitious idea of governing Newton County in a manner that would always put the greater benefit to the community before long established community principles, policies and procedures.  I ran my initial campaign for Chairman under the platform “Believe, Begin, Become a Better Newton County”.  Upon my election, the citizens of Newton County bestowed upon me their faith that I would be a man of my word and work diligently and selflessly toward a better Newton County.  This is not a responsibility I took or will ever take lightly. 

On my first day in office, I focused on three immediate goals.  First, I witnessed the growing division of our community along political, racial and socio-economic lines. I wanted to promote unity and collaboration.  Second, I saw the need to stabilize our financial foundation and infrastructure for the future of our community.  Lastly, I wanted to stimulate ideas to empower the Economic Development measures in Newton County. 

I am proud to say that the hard work invested toward the vision is paying off. 




  • Facebook-The largest Economic Development deal in Georgia history is in Newton County

  • First JDA return of funds to Newton County since its creation

  • Expansion of Ninshinbo Automotive

  • Further development of Stanton Springs

…and more!

  • Implementation of a Strategic Plan

  • Increasing the County Fund Reserve Balance

  • 1st County Employee pay raise in over 12 years

  • Awarded Best Water in the State of Georgia

…and more!

  • Partnership with Newton Trails aka Cricket Frog Trails.

  • Full participation in Newton County Tomorrow

  • Solution generating dialogue between the County and municipalities
  • OneNewton Initiative  

…and more!


As I seek re-election to the position of Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners in 2020, I ask for your prayers, support and help as we continue to build a better Newton County.